Clay Haynes is a network engineer who enjoys solving the problems that face networks of all sizes. He currently has over 15 years of experience in networking and security. With this experience he has worked his way to becoming a Senior Network Engineer at Twitter. Before working at Twitter, Clay Haynes worked as a consultant for other companies to help them with their networking and security needs.

Below is a brief list of some of Clay’s accomplishments:

  • Increased a company’s network capacity to cloud providers from 1Gbps to 1Tbps
  • Deployed Anycast to ensure mission-critical services are available around the world
  • Reduced network complexity by deploying templates to handle critical security functions
  • Wrote tools to provide a visualization of security policies for auditors
  • Presented talks and discussions over topics such as Ethernet VPN and Automation
  • Wrote tools to make deployments of new services easier in a training environment
  • Wrote exam questions for the Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist – Security Exam (JNCDS-SEC)
  • Deployed hundreds of firewalls, spanning 4 continents
  • Deployed remote access products to several companies with over 20,000 users
  • Designed and deployed a log-management solution powered by Splunk for a company’s security operations team
  • Deployed Salesforce for a consultant company to support the company’s sales team
  • Migrated 95% of his company’s servers to a virtualized environment

Clay has earned two coveted certifications from Juniper Networks, the JNCIE-SEC (#69) and the JNCIE-ENT (#492). He is also an instructor for Pulse Secure and Palo Alto Networks. Clay Haynes is an active Juniper Ambassador, whose goal is to provide the latest network news on multiple social media platforms. He written chapters in two Juniper Day One guides, and was the technical editor for Juniper’s 2018 Ambassador Cookbook.

Outside of networking Clay Haynes enjoys weightlifting, rugby, soccer/football, and playing music.

Education: University of Findlay
Employment: Twitter, EMEA
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Current Resume

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  1. Hi Clay, This is Achyut. I am trying to config virtual loopback tunnel interface in Juniper MX960. Could you help me…

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