It’s been a while since I have posted in this blog, and to be honest this has been the strangest year of my life so far. While being mute on this blog isn’t helping my situation at all it feels like that this was the most appropriate thing to do. So while there are many cool things I want to talk about in the upcoming months I feel that it is appropriate to talk about non-technical things first.

For those of you that do not know I left my previous employer in March of 2015, and joined a company called Nexum which is based out of Chicago, Illinois. To add to the madness I have relocated to Cambridge, MA for a myriad of reasons. At both Nexum and Cambridge I have been exposed to a completely different world of technologies and opportunities that were not available to me at my previous job.

In 2015 I have become certified in F5, VMWare, Arbor Networks, and recently became a Pulse Secure Instructor as well. It has been an extremely liberating feeling to begin from square one and learn new concepts and ideas. Which brings me to my next update – more posts on this blog will be focusing on technologies that may not be Juniper-based. Most (if not all) the previous posts were based on stories in the field, and names/addresses were changed to protect the innocent. My current role has me focusing on topics that are not necessarily working on any CLI or any hardware, but this a lesson that needs to be learned anyways.

More things are coming in the next couple of months – primarily focusing on SDN and OpenStack – but it seemed like this was the best way to get that ball rolling. Switching jobs, locations, and technologies has had a significant impact in the past year, but it has allowed me to have the opportunity to find a way through, around, or over some of the obstacles that have held me back for too many years.

Good luck to you all in 2016 – and if there are things you want to see in here let me know!

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