After an insanely long hiatus it is finally time to bring this blog online, and start venturing into technology again. In addition to the pure technology posts, there may be some additional subjects that will be explored as well. Some very clearly-labeled opinion pieces will be added based on the author’s experiences. One or two technical posts will be coming up in the next few days.

On a personal note: If you’re just joining us for the first time and have no idea who I am – start first by googling me. Needless to say, 2018 has gotten off to a rocky start for me, and it has certainly been a humbling experience. Some day I will be able to explain more of those details (notwithstanding emotional/legal/factual issues!), but for now I intend on keeping it lighthearted with a focus on large-scale/environmental opinions. I hope you will enjoy the commentary, and that it generates fun and friendly conversations.

With that, enjoy the new topics and I will do my best to keep this blog up to date with new content on a more consistent basis.

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