Running the vMX on VMWare Fusion

Having hardware to test configuration changes, new deployments, or troubleshooting an issue is very useful, and it is often the best way to replicate how an idea will work in a real environment. That being said with the introduction of virtual platforms we now have an acceptable alternative to real hardware in many cases. There are sometimes instances where having access to a dedicated virtual lab is not possible nor practical. Being able to run virtual platforms on your local system is very useful for such cases.

While MacOS has the ability to run KVM-based appliances, sometimes it is just easier to use VMWare Fusion. With a little preparation anyone can run the Juniper’s Virtual MX (vMX) platform on VMWare Fusion. So without further ado, this guide will help you run the vMX on VMWare Fusion.


Converting an MX Virtual Chassis to MX MC-LAG

The MX960 platform is known as one of Juniper’s flagship platforms in that it is flexible enough for deployments across services providers and enterprises alike. Recently I had the experience of converting an MX960 Virtual Chassis (VC) to an MX960 Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group (MC-LAG). This post discusses how the migration was performed.